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VTC Gare Bordeaux SAINT JEAN

Book a VTC at Bordeaux-Saint-Jean station

If you arrive at Bordeaux-Saint-Jean station, you are in the right place to ensure your trip with complete peace of mind.

Discover our VTC services at Bordeaux station.

We pride ourselves on offering you complete flexibility: no matter where you are, whether at hotel, home, office, or in this charming local cafe, we are here to pick you up.

We place personalization at the heart of our service:

  • Personalized Support : Express your preferences, we respect them. We are able to offer you a charger, car seat for children, luggage support or refreshments.

  • Security and Reliability: Safety is our top priority. Our VTC drivers, professional and courteous, are there to guarantee you a trip in complete safety and at the scheduled time.

  • All Distances in Gironde : Whether your destination is in the heart of Bordeaux or in the confines of Gironde, our service covers all distances. Enjoy a stress-free trip, whether for a short city break or an exploration through the region.

Book your VTC taxi now at Bordeaux-Saint-Jean station with E-MOTION and treat yourself to a professional, comfortable and safe journey. 

Nos services VTC à la gare de Bordeaux


From Saint Jean station

We provide transport from the station to the destination of your choice in all cities in Gironde.


Towards Saint Jean station

We pick you up from any location in Gironde to take you to the station platform.


VTC navette Gare-Aeorport 

Need to commute between the train station and the airport? We are here to support and guide you

Trajet VTC de la gare de Bordeaux et toutes villes de la gironde :

Why book a VTC for your trips to Bordeaux Gare?

Are you hesitant to opt for a VTC for your transfer to Saint Jean station? Discover the many advantages offered by offering a VTC driver:


Discover Bordeaux with complete peace of mind


Let's explore Bordeaux together, in a relaxing way.

With my personalized excursions, I take you to explore the treasures of the city.

Explore the Cité du Vin, stroll on the Place de la Bourse, marvel at the Miroir d’Eau, and vibrate on the quays.

If you lack inspiration, do not hesitate to seek my advice to define an itinerary.  

You can discover the main places in Bordeaux, without experiencing the constraints of public transport or the difficulties of parking or traffic present in Bordeaux


Adaptability to your needs

Forget rigidity! My trips are designed to be as unique as you are.

Whether you have a specific destination in mind or special requests, I am here to make them happen.
You have full control of the itinerary according to your preferences, ensuring a tailor-made experience that suits you perfectly.


Reliability and Punctuality

No stress related to waiting.

My promise: to be there at the agreed time, ready to welcome you for a hassle-free trip.

Reliability and punctuality are values that I particularly value, because I want every moment with me to be a smooth, reliable and pleasant experience.


How to book a VTC at Gare de Bordeaux-Saint-Jean?

Do our VTC services in Mérignac meet your expectations? Book your trip! 

Two choices are available to you:

Reservation by phone : 07 82 35 66 28

Contact us directly by phone to chat with a contact who will take care of your reservation and answer any questions you may have.

You also have the option of sending us a message on WhatsApp with the necessary information (date, hour, flight number, telephone number).

We will contact you shortly to confirm your reservation.

Reservation via our contact form

Book one click for your next trip. Using our contact form, provide the detailsimportant details for your journey (date, time, flight number, telephone number).

Our responsiveness will allow us to quickly confirm support for your course.

A VTC vehicle compatible with your needs

Do you want to travel to or from Bordeaux train station? You are in a relationship ? Are you a family of 1 to 4 people? between friends or work colleague? 

Travel with my MG brand car designed for VTC travel

A reliable and reliable carcomfortable with option

The MG car, synonymous with reliability, guarantees you a peaceful journey.

Its comfortable and heated seats make your travels pleasant.

I offer you various options such as refreshing drinks, sweets, a tourist guide to the city of Bordeaux and a charger for your phone.  

Sustainable mobility car

The car that will transport you is an electric car.

So, not only do you You enjoy a quiet and efficient driving experience, but you also contribute to the preservation of the environment.

An elegant and responsible way to travel, for journeys that have a positive impact.


Louise Lemagnent

"Very pleasant driver, offers phone connection cables (very practical before leaving for the evening without a battery...) water and even small sweets.
I recommend."


Frédéric Tranchant

"Excellent service. Punctual. Interesting discussion and meticulous service: water, sweets. Great 5 stars"


Simona Bianca

"Excellent race and beautiful car 👌 everything was perfect!"



FAQ Transfert VTC Gare Bordeaux

What price for a VTC?

The price of a transfer with a VTC driver to and from Bordeaux station starts at €20. 

They vary according to the distance between your destinations.

All options (charger, baggage, water, sweets, etc.) are included in the price.

Where can you find your driver at Gare Saint Jean? 

We will set up a meeting point before you leave

When you arrive, get out and head for this location

Or contact the driver so that he can give you his precise location

Is the price of the itinerary fixed?

Yes, the cost of the service is fixed, established before departure and does not change according to external events.

Are car seats available for children?

Yes, car seats can be provided at no extra cost.

However, it is important to specify your requirements before arriving at the station.

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